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    Cases of Persecution of Fishermen in Takabonerate

    Selasa, 14 Juni 2022, 17:51 WIB Last Updated 2022-06-14T10:51:18Z

    NEWS | SELAYAR – the case of maltreatment of a fisherman named Puasa, a resident of North Rajuni Hamlet, Rajuni Village, Taka Bonerate Sub-district, who injured his head due to being hit by a blunt object, should not have happened.

    This was conveyed by the Deputy Chairman of the Selayar Islands Regency DPRD, Andi Idris, when confirmed by journalists, on Tuesday (14/6/2022).

    Andi Idris said that the mistreatment of fishermen was a non-procedural act that had been carried out by unscrupulous officers. Moreover, the victim was injured and bleeding.

    "If there really is a violation or illegal fishing, for example anesthesia or fish bombing, it is clear what action must be taken by the authorities, because everything is regulated in the law," he said.

    Andi Idris added, as well as the punishment that must be received by the perpetrators. Everything has clear rules, and has been set by the state. I hope nothing like this happens again in the future.

    It was previously reported that a fisherman on Small Rajuni Island in the Takabonerate area had to be treated for injuries to his head with dozens of stitches and injuries to his neck, which allegedly received harsh treatment from officers on Monday (13/6/2022) in the deep sea waters of the Takabonerate area. .

    The trigger was officers who chased and crashed into a fisherman's boat. They are being hunted because they are suspected of committing violations at sea.

    "Officers thought we were doing or catching fish in a prohibited way," explained one eye witness.

    At that time, officers came in a white speedboat to approach their boat, which was catching fish in the waters of Rajuni Island in the Takabonerate area.

    "I saw that there were officers wearing vests with the words "Baharkam" written on them, but I don't know where the officers were because they weren't wearing official uniforms like officers, I just believed that they had weapons," explained the eyewitness.

    "We small residents are also afraid. If it is illegal to work at sea, then we should just be arrested, don't be persecuted, sorry, because we are always wrong, for a moment when we defend ourselves we are called again against the officers," said the eyewitness. (Team).